What Supply Chain Women Need to Succeed

Women can have a successful career in supply chain and logistics by increasing confidence substantially, being authentic and fearless leaders, communicating change requirements clearly and regularly, and engaging effectively and compassionately with all people and levels within an organisation.

SCLAA National Partner LSC Solutions Pty Ltd proudly supports Women In Logistics (WIL) – The Final Frontier as a Silver Sponsor and attended the WIL Melbourne event at the MCG on Friday, 29 April 2016. The WIL event in Melbourne was attended by over 200 people. LSC Solutions Pty Ltd’s Managing Director, Sharyn Grant described the event as “very educational and informative”.


Sharyn Grant & Amanda O’Brien at the Women In Logistics Melbourne Event on Fri 29 Apr 2016

A highlight of the WIL Melbourne event included Amanda Blesing’s speech Confidence v’s Competence: which is more useful when it comes to getting ahead, which provided considerable evidence that a focus on competence, rather than perceived confidence, is one of the things holding a lot of women back from pursuing their goals. Additionally, a lack of strategy around career progress is preventing women from progressing to senior positions and participating on boards. Amanda’s presentation also provided statistics regarding companies with women in senior positions and on boards are more successful.

Other speeches at the WIL Melbourne event included:

  • Tracey Waring – Authentic Leadership: What does it truly mean to be an authentic and influential leader and lead an authentic life?
  • Christine Tolson – Fearless Leadership: Change Leadership is about People not Organisations
  • Jody Freestone – Managing Change in a 40 Year Family Business

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“All speeches provided significant inspiration for both women and men at the event, to review how they are approaching their career and professional life, and the value that women have contributed to the supply chain and logistics industry” comments Sharyn.

In summary, women in supply chain and logistics need to increase confidence substantially, be authentic and fearless leaders, communicate change requirements clearly and regularly, and engage effectively and compassionately with all people and levels within an organisation.

Possibly the biggest learning for women in supply chain and logistics is the need to increase confidence. When identifying the most common traits of highly confident women, it could be inferred that the most successful women in supply chain and logistics are those that:

  • live in the present and keep their eye on the prize
  • are assertive and ask empowering questions
  • consider themselves important and are comfortable being themselves
  • trust themselves, their intuition and keep their expectations high
  • focus on their strengths, admit their flaws and know when to ask for help
  • understand that things constantly change, and know when and how to reposition herself (source: summary of multiple internet search results).

Sharyn recalls from 25 years ago when first pursuing her career in human resource management, that during her double major business degree at USQ, it was her first class in logistics and operations management that gave her an OMG moment. It was this logistics class that changed her mind instantly to pursue a career in logistics. “I first wanted to help people, but when I was introduced to powerful analyses and strategies that can help entire companies and their supply chains, I knew instantly that was what I wanted to do, in conjunction with helping people.” Sharyn has since also completed her Logistics Masters and is now half way through her Doctorate in Supply Chain Performance Management. “I see the Women In Logistics initiative being the ideal platform to raise awareness for women regarding the different types of career opportunities available to them in supply chain and logistics.”

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