Supplier Capability Development – Major Projects & Operations

Developing local supplier capability has been an ongoing concern for corporations, in order to meet the supply requirements of their major projects supply chains and their operations over the longer term. Local suppliers need to be globally competitive if they want a slice of the billion pie. 

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Corporations are continuously seeking capable local suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand as part of their buy local policy. Corporations require local suppliers to be able to compete on a global platform, however many suppliers still lack the required capability, forcing corporations to seek suppliers beyond close proximity.

The message to local suppliers from the corporations is getting louder and clearer – but the message only applies to the suppliers who are keen and serious about meeting the requirements of the corporations.

Key Messages from Corporations:

  • Supplier Registration:Register your business on the ICN Gateway and on the corporation’s websites
  • Capability Statement:Ensure your Capability Statement meets industry requirements
  • Supplier Tiers:Identify where your business sits in the supply chain – use the [Supplier] Tier Barometer Assessment
  • Management Systems:Establish Management Systems for health and safety, environmental, quality and risk
  • Supplier Pre-Qualification:Suppliers who do not pass supplier pre-qualification will not be invited to tender for major projects.
  • Tender Ready:Understand the procurement and tendering requirements of corporations; the capacity and capabilities required to deliver the tender; how the tender should be estimated; the contractual terms and requirements of the tender; ensure the financial strength of the company is adequate to deliver the tender; plus many more requirements. We can assist you with this.

Where are Resources Corporations spending? The Queensland Resources Council setup the Queensland Economy website to demonstrate Resources Sector spend by postcode – including operating expenditure (opex) and capital expenditure (capex).

Corporations appreciate that it can take 12 – 18+ months for businesses to become tender ready.

Our company has assisted over 90 suppliers throughout Queensland regarding the requirements of major projects supply chains; and has assisted these suppliers to become tender ready and sustain business improvements. The tendering requirements information we provide to our clients has been obtained directly from corporations. We have also worked with over a dozen corporations and therefore have an excellent understanding of end-to-end supply chain requirements.