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Outsourcing and Insourcing Services to implement supply chain strategies, manage projects and activities.

Options include:

  • Outsourcing Services
  • Insourcing Services
  • Customise Your Support

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Outsourced Supply Chain Management Department or
Executive Support for your Supply Chain Management Team

The lack of supply chain expertise, time and/or resources are the greatest challenges preventing firms from accomplishing their plans and performance targets.

Our bespoke outsourcing model gives your business a complete supply chain management department to ensure your supply chain objectives are achieved. A range of activities or processes may be managed on your behalf or as supplementary support for your existing team.

There are 60 supply chain skill sets across the five core supply chain capabilities: Supply Chain Performance, Strategy, Network, Processes and Resources. It is not economically feasible for firms to employ all of these skill sets at expert-levels, especially when not all skill sets are required all of the time. For firms that are continuously growing, changing and expanding, these skill sets are used more often.

Outsourcing services are typically provided 70-90% offsite remotely, to manage specific activities to help clients achieve outstanding results and to free up existing staff so that they may apply more focus on core business.

Support is tailored to your requirements and is typically provided on a 12 month retainer-basis (3 and 6 month options are also available).

Remote access to your systems may be provided if available. Any required attendance at onsite meetings may be scheduled when and where required, as well as any required visits to other sites, e.g. customers, suppliers and service providers.

Examples of outsourced support may include:

  • Supply Chain Performance Management – e.g. performance measurement; data analysis; reporting; performance review; gap analysis; contract management; 3PL performance management; supplier performance management; supply chain risk analysis; change management strategy; communications strategy; stakeholder relationship strategy; organisational development strategy; supply chain performance management system design
  • Supply Chain Strategy Management – e.g. supply chain strategy development and review; supply chain segmentation and prioritisation; supply chain engagement management; supply chain collaboration management; supply chain partnership management; supply chain policy review and development; supply chain value creation strategy; supply chain revenue and profitability review; cost to serve analysis; strategic sourcing analysis and strategy; procurement strategy; category analysis
  • Supply Chain Network Management – e.g. end-to-end supply chain network optimisation analysis; warehousing strategy and planning; supply chain asset strategy and planning; distribution optimisation analysis; outsourcing and 3PL strategy, review, tendering and evaluation; freight optimisation
  • Supply Chain Process Management – e.g. process analysis and design; business rules development; procedures development; instruction development; management of processes including customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, demand management/planning/forecasting, sales and operations planning, production planning, inventory planning, replenishment planning
  • Supply Chain Resources Management – e.g. supply chain resources optimisation analysis; inventory review and optimisation; rotables management analysis; supply chain technology review; supply chain human resourcing assessment; design and organisation

How does it work?

  • Your business is assigned with a dedicated supply chain manager (or director) responsible for outcomes, working with your management team, or just you, to manage the support you require and remains as your single point of contact.
  • Full access to our entire team is provided, with tasks completed by the most appropriate expert.
  • To commence support a 4 hour workshop with you and your team is conducted to gather information, understand strategic objectives and priorities, conduct a SWOT analysis and to identify support requirements.
  • A 12-month Supply Chain Management Strategy, including monthly schedule, is developed for your sign off.
  • The Supply Chain Management Strategy is implemented in collaboration with your team as per the schedule.
  • Each month you will receive an Supply Chain Management Progress Report.

Our outsourced support ensures that your firm achieves its objectives and performance targets in a timely, efficient and effective manner.


Internal support to expedite strategic and operational outcomes

Insourcing services are typically provided at least 80% onsite, to provide intensive support over a specific period of time to help clients achieve outstanding results, so that they can get on with core business. We support or lead the existing team and key stakeholders until key deliverables are achieved and sustained.

Support is tailored to your requirements and can be provided on a retainer-basis (3, 6, 12 months options) or fee-for-service basis. Types of insourced support include (but are not limited to):

  • Project / Program Management Support: Rapid in-house support to design, implement, review and/or manage supply chain projects or programs efficiently and effectively. Examples include Project / Program:
    • design, planning and scheduling
    • leadership and championing
    • sponsor and stakeholder buy-in and establishment
    • management office establishment
    • team design, establishment and organisation
    • implementation, management or facilitation
    • reporting and performance scorecards
    • health check
    • post implementation review
    • benefits realisation management
  • Subject Matter Expert Support: Rapid in-house support to address strategic and operational supply chain issues, risks and opportunities efficiently and effectively. Examples include: analysis, measurement, design, planning, development and implementation of supply chain requirements, concepts, processes, methodologies and strategies, for local, national and/or global supply chains and operations.
  • Analytical Support: Rapid in-house support to carry out supply chain investigations and analyses efficiently and effectively. Examples include: data analysis; performance measurement; time and motion studies; stakeholder interviews and surveys; process mapping; process review.


Rapidly achieve your strategic objectives by utilising a supply chain management expert team

We can customise and deliver the supply chain management support that will achieve the outcomes you are seeking from your supply chains and operations. Whether you want significant support or just enough to free-up your existing team, we have the expertise and capacity to help you achieve this.