Selecting best possible warehouse solution for major Electricity Distributor

A major Electricity Distributor required assistance to evaluate and select one of two existing industrial buildings to be used as the warehouse facility, with the remainder to be used for workshop activity, to improve logistics efficiency and customer service response for a major electricity distributor, retailer and generator.

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The project included the consideration of all material stored on site and at third party logistic facilities.

Facility Evaluation Criteria: The evaluation and selection of the best warehouse facility and yard storage option was based on pre-agreed criteria including safety, traffic management, capacity to store consolidated inventory, suitability for logistics operations, separation of traffic types, material handling systems, warehouse performance, workforce productivity and other aspects to maximise utilisation in warehouse layout.

Review of Inventory, MHE, Logistics Processes & Transport Interface: LSC Solutions Pty Ltd conducted a high level stock analysis and identified critical inventory to be stored; reviewed existing materials handling equipment; evaluated and compared the two warehouse facilities; analysed logistics processes using process mappings; and conducted a transport interface analysis. The logistics processes workshopped, process mapped and analysed against best practice included: provisioning, procurement, receiving and putaway, replenishment, slotting, pick preparation, picking and dispatch.

Concept Layout Design & Logistics Improvement Recommendations: A future state concept was proposed including a recommendation for the most appropriate facility, concept layout drawings for the facility and yard area, transport interface requirements, and recommendations for materials handling equipment and logistics process improvement.

Detailed Engineering Design: The findings and analysis were discussed, and the future state concept was accepted. LSC Solutions Pty Ltd designed the best possible warehouse and yard layout, producing detailed engineering designs,that considered appropriate static and dynamic materials handling equipment and operating systems to ensure efficient operation of the selected facility.