Pacific National on track to supply chain success

Pacific National required assistance with the project planning and logistics mobilisation of the new major state-of-the-art Nebo Train Maintenance Facility, in alignment with their requirement to operate the facility on lean philosophies, to maximise throughput and supply chain velocity.

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Industry: Transportation, Maintenance, Services, Manufacturing (Fabrication)

Project: Nebo Train Maintenance Facility Mobilisation Project

Company: Pacific National, specialising coal freight by rail

Issues: Greenfield site with no logistics infrastructure. Supply chain best practices and lean philosophies were imperative to maximise throughput and supply chain velocity in line with how this major new state-of-the-art train maintenance facility was designed to operate.

Key requirementsA major new state-of-the-art train maintenance facility that operates on ‘lean’ philosophies, maximising throughput and supply chain velocity.

“LSC Solutions played an integral role in assisting our team to establish and mobilise our logistics requirements ready for go-live. This was in addition to providing considerable ‘lean’ expert insight, which will add significant value to the efficient and effective running of the facility moving forward.” – Geoff Featherstone, General Manager Operations, Pacific National Queensland Coal

The outcome: Logistics mobilisation requirements were achieved on time and within budget, resulting in an efficient facility ready for go-live. The facility officially opened on 30 August 2012.

What we did: Provided assistance with project planning facility mobilisation; project managed requirements for logistics management and provided expert input for operations, asset and maintenance management. Developed logistics processes, determined inventory and storage requirements, designed site traffic flow and warehouse layout, oversaw warehouse fit-out, and provided technology advice.

As part of this successful project, LSC Solutions Pty Ltd:

  • Process Development: Designed, process mapped and developed standard operating procedures for 27 processes including inventory planning, capital purchases, parts and tool requirements planning, parts kitting, parts tracking, part allocation to work order, rotable repairs prioritisation, order expediting, receiving processes, putaway and replenishment, rotable storage, dispatch processes, returns processes, supplier selection and procurement, cross-docking, tools management, inter-branch transfers and order assembly; these documents formed part of the Operations Management System Integration Strategy
  • Inventory & Storage Requirements: Determined and calculated requirements for critical spares, spares, consumables, parts, inventory and tooling requirements, materials handling equipment requirements, and consumables/parts/tools storage and equipment requirements
  • Site Traffic Flow Design: Designed site traffic flow requirements for inwards and outwards freight to ensure the safe and efficient delivery and dispatch of inventory and equipment.
  • Warehouse Layout Design & Fitout: Designed the layout requirements for the battery store, tools store and warehouse (including labelling requirements), as well as managing the entire tender process and overseeing fitout of these facilities
  • Technology: Provided expert advice to assist with a Request for Proposal to find and qualify suitable suppliers for Radio Frequency Identification and Barcode technology equipment. This was designed to be a turnkey solution where the suppliers assisted the client with installation and training of staff at the site.