Webinar Recording: How to manage your supply chain with cross-functional business processes

Here is our webinar recording of Sharyn Grant and Dr Douglas Lambert who was live from Florida, talking about the most robust and sophisticated approach to supply chain management, that has increased the value of multi-billion dollar corporations and supply chains in the USA and around the world.

Guest Presenter: Dr Douglas M. Lambert, Director of The Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMi), Florida
Host: Sharyn Grant, Managing Director, LSC Solutions Pty Ltd

Here are the two articles that Dr Lambert refers to:

  • The Partnership Model has been used to structure more than 100 business relationships, including The Coca-Cola Company and Cargill, and Wendy’s and Tyson which was the basis for a Harvard Business Review article (click here for HBR article “We’re in this together”).
  • The Collaboration Framework is being used by companies such as restaurant chain Bob Evans Farms and its major distributor to realise the value of collaboration in real tangible terms (click here for Supply Chain Quarterly article “Co-creating value: The next level in customer-supplier relationships”).

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