Embedding quality at Beehive Vinyl Products


Adopting lean manufacturing principles, improved workshop layout and documenting manufacturing processes, enabled Beehive Vinyl Products to better handle larger jobs and improve customer service.

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Life in Australia’s north presents businesses and individuals with a range of unique challenges such as temperature, heat and ultra violet (UV) light. Beehive Vinyl Products – an innovative fabric designing and manufacturing organisation – assists businesses and individuals respond to these challenges. Among other things, Beehive makes shade sails to protect against the tropical sun, stinger nets to protect against the blue bottle stingers and sturdy tool bags to protect valuable tools. While other organisations make similar products to that offered by Beehive, they tend not to have to same focus on quality.

To ensure customers receive a quality product, LSC Solutions Pty Ltd assisted Beehive to improve workshop layout, adopt lean manufacturing principles and to document manufacturing processes. 

UV light reduces the lifespan of normal fabrics. For Beehive and the products that it produces, UV considerations form part of its approaches as Business Manager Sean Kerlin attests. “Beehive uses UV resistant fabrics for any of the products that will be used outside, but that is only part of the challenge. To make a fabric product that is truly UV resistant, it needs to sewn together with UV resistant thread, which has introduced its own problems.”

Beehive’s Workshop Manager Brett Thompson adds, “Sewing with UV resistant thread requires more stitching as it is not as strong as normal thread. Unless sewing involves additional stitching, the final product will not be sufficiently durable.”

LSC Solutions Pty Ltd’s activities with Beehive involved documenting the manufacturing processes for each product line, including step-by-step photography for staff training purposes. In the case of sewing, this documentation covered the type of thread to use for the various products and the stitching pattern/requirements to be employed.

To assist tradesmen to work more efficiently and protect valuable tools, Beehive manufactures a range of tool bags that have proven to withstand the treatment of the toughest conditions. Beehive uses materials from its sister organisation, Australian Lining Company, in the design and manufacture of its tool bags. The resulting tool bag is extremely durable and long lasting. Beehive has been manufacturing and selling its tool bags for over 10 years, which means that it has sold thousands of tool bags world-wide, including client-branded tool bags. Beehive takes enormous pride in its tool bags, the quality of materials used, detailed manufacture processes and rigorous quality control checks. To ensure that quality is maintained, LSC Solutions Pty Ltd assisted with detailing the manufacturing activities of each product line. This information enables Beehive to engage additional employees to manufacture tool bags, shade sails and stinger nets without compromising quality.

The lean manufacturing principles adopted by Beehive have significantly improved its efficiency within its manufacturing processes due to improve workshop layout, which increased workshop space to enable the company to better handle the larger jobs such as semi-trailer tarpaulin repairs.

Beehive is located at 39 Keane Street, Currajong Townsville. Sean Kerlin, Business Manager, Beehive may be contacted on phone 07 4779 9660, mobile 0417 769 132 or skerlin.austliningco@bigpond.com.auwww.beehivevinyl.com.au