What does Supply Chain Manager® do?

Supply Chain Manager® provides supply chain and logistics management consulting and support to help clients to not only improve the performance of their supply chains and operations, but to help clients actually achieve the strategic objectives of their corporate strategy. We are not particularly fans of the word “improve” as we are committed to working to measurable results and ensuring that our clients achieve strategic performance targets.

Why do firms seek assistance from Supply Chain Manager®?

Our clients seek our assistance for three reasons: they have insufficient expertise, resources and/or time, to do what it takes to achieve the required performance targets, then sustain and then improve again to new target standards. Whatever your strategic supply chain objectives are, we are here to help you to achieve them.

Strategic objectives come in all shapes and sizes. Some clients seek assistance to grow, whilst others seek assistance to cope with growth. Some seek assistance with increasing profit stability and profit growth, whilst others seek assistance to improve asset and cost management efficiency. Many of our clients seek assistance with supply chain risk management and customer service performance improvement.

Many firms do not have the need for a full-time team of supply chain experts and some cannot afford a supply chain manager. We offer firms flexible options and the opportunity to hire a ready-made supply chain project team or a supply chain manager and/or a supply chain management team of experts, to manage result-driven supply chain projects, programs and/or to manage their supply chains and operations. Having a supply chain manager in your business will ensure that your strategic supply chain performance objectives are in line with your business deliverables.

If I already have staff managing our supply chains can Supply Chain Manager® still help me?

Absolutely – our clients also seek our assistance when they either require additional expertise and resources, due to the mammoth workload and responsibility placed on existing management staff which prevents them from spending time making improvements. Many firms urgently need to just get on with making improvement ASAP as part of ‘business as usual’ and do not have the expertise, time or people to implement a formal supply chain project or program. We work with you however suits best.

Supply Chain Manager® can supply one expert or a team of experts to work alongside your existing supply chain team to provide additional support and expertise within any area across the five core supply chain capabilities (i.e. Supply Chain Performance, Strategy, Network, Processes and Resources). For example: Measuring and reporting supply chain performance, developing or implementing the Supply Chain Strategy, designing the supply chain network, developing best practice supply chain processes, optimising inventory throughout the supply chain network, etc.

When taking on a 12-month program (Intensive Support), is the time I spend with your expert flexible?

Yes. We have first-hand appreciation for how hectic and demanding ‘business as usual’ gets – which is why our clients engage us to help alleviate these issues. If your company needs to funnel more time and resources in a particular month to achieve specific supply chain requirements, our supply chain experts have the flexibility to utilise time from another month to ensure your supply chain needs are met.

Do I get to pick my own supply chain manager or experts?

This is possible, however we are in the best position to match expertise (and available expertise) to your requirements. We appreciate first-hand that establishing a best-fit supply chain management team is imperative to achieving required outcomes. We will do everything to ensure you have the best mix of expertise and harmony on your supply chain management team.

Is Supply Chain Coach® a sister company?

Both Supply Chain Manager® and Supply Chain Coach® are agencies within their parent company LSC Solutions Pty Ltd www.lscs.com.au which was established in 2004.

Supply Chain Coach® www.supplychaincoach.com.au provides virtual and onsite comprehensive coaching programs, and public and in-house executive education programs on best practice Supply Chain Management, High Performance Business Relationships and Supply Chain Transformation.

At Supply Chain Manager® “we’ll do it for you”; at Supply Chain Coach® “we’ll show you how”.