6 Most Common Issues of Small-Medium Suppliers

Through assisting over 80 small to medium sized enterprises (SME) we have identified six issues most common within these enterprises that need to be addressed to increase their capability and capacity to become fiercely competitive and to successfully tender for opportunities within major supply chains.

Middle aged business man using laptop with executives in the background

The six issues most common within SMEs that need to be addressed include:

1.  Information Management
2.  Order Management Process
3.  Strategic Business Planning
4.  Supply Chain Marketing & Engagement
5.  Performance Measurement & Management
6.  Employee Engagement & Development

To identify how to address these issues, click on the following links to these articles:

  1. Improve information management by eliminating paper-based processes
  2. Improve customer service – address all Order Management process issues (available from Supply Chain Coach®)
  3. If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail – Strategic Business Planning (available from Supply Chain Coach®)
  4. Effective Supply Chain Marketing & Engagement
  5. What is not measured is not managed – Effective Performance Measurement (available from Supply Chain Coach®)
  6. How to re-engage with dis-engaged employees (available from Supply Chain Coach®)


By: Sharyn Grant - See all Posts by this Author

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