3 Steps to Ignite Your Logistics/Supply Chain Strategic Planning Approach

Give your logistics/supply chain management team a new sense of solidarity and excitement for the future by using an innovative approach to strategic planning. Broaden their mindset prior to holding your strategic planning workshop and plan a productive expert-facilitator-led thought-provoking future focused workshop. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day then suddenly realise – Our strategic plan is actually ending soon. What now? A lot can change from the time you first developed your Logistics Strategic Plan or Supply Chain Strategy. Whilst it may be time to review and update it, is that enough? The world is getting more complex, customised and integrated, and keeping up with technology trends is key.

You may question:

  • Is our Vision and Mission still current or should we completely review what we are doing and how we are approaching it?
  • What about our performance targets – are they ambitious enough?
  • Are we still in alignment with our corporate strategy and the organisation’s key results areas?

Organisations with operations spread far apart, can have local, state, national or global goals to continuously improve internal and external customer service. Delivering ambitious targets can be challenging but not impossible, especially with a management team that communicates frequently, shares information, acts proactively, responds promptly and plans together. So how do we remove ourselves from the day to day, to focus on the future?

Step 1: Plan an Expert Facilitator-led One Day Strategic Planning Workshop

Taking a day out to focus on the future with your team is the best strategic planning approach to revamp your Vision and Mission and plan the future together. Building momentum for the next 2-3 years is easier to achieve when the workshop is facilitated by an external logistics/supply chain expert such as LSC Solutions Pty Ltd via it’s agency Supply Chain Manager®. But the work doesn’t start here.

Step 2: Ignite the Management Team by Broadening Mindset with Pre-Workshop Preparation

Productive one-day strategic planning workshops are the result of pre-workshop preparation, with each manager playing a role in answering key questions about future possibilities during one-on-one interviews with the workshop facilitator. In addition, each manager receives and reviews information about relevant industry trends, emerging technologies and improvement strategies to broaden their mindset.

Broadening the mindset and building the knowledge base of your management team prior to your strategic planning workshop, helps the team to ignite competitive thought flows and new possibilities to achieve industry dominance and sustainability. Achieving ambitious performance targets as effectively and efficiently as possible requires not only keeping up with the latest industry trends but knowing how your organisation can capitalise on these opportunities and identify which ones are the best fit.

Step 3: Hold a Productive Thought-Provoking Future Focused Strategic Planning Workshop

With the thoughts and feedback from your management team collected, collated and strategically organised by your external workshop facilitator, a high level summary is prepared for presentation at your strategic planning workshop.

You are no longer entering your strategic planning workshop ‘cold’ because considerable enthusiasm and momentum about the organisation’s future has been built pre-workshop. With a key focus on optimising operations and supply chains, and achieving greater efficiency, reliability and responsiveness across your networks, a productive structured strategic planning workshop can be delivered. Reviewing each key focus area at a high level with its own summary of future possibilities, opens up valuable thought-provoking discussion.

By the end of the workshop your Vision and Mission have been revamped, and your goals and priorities for the next 2-3 years are confirmed, documented and agreed. Your management team leave the workshop with a new sense of solidarity and excitement for the present and future.

If you’d like us to facilitate your strategic planning approach, call Sharyn Grant on +61411204334 or email sharyn@lscs.com.au and click here to review our Workshop Facilitation options.

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