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Supply Chain Manager® is Australia’s preferred avenue for independent supply chain experts to fulfil their dreams and live their passion by enabling our clients to fulfil theirs.

Supply Chain Expertise: Within the five core supply chain capabilities we use to establish world-class supply chains and operations that grow substantial endless value (i.e. Supply Chain Performance, Strategy, Network, Processes and Resources), there are over 60 skill sets required at expert levels to deliver this value. This requires a large expert team with the capability and capacity to deliver this value to our client base.

Independent Contractor Pre-Qualification Process: Our high quality standards result in generating the highest levels of returns for our clients at the least risk. As part of our risk management strategy to protect the interests of our clients and our company, we have a robust independent contractor pre-qualification process which includes an extensive background check of expert-level supply chain skills, experience, qualifications, convictions, insurances, referees, identity, right to work in Australia and writing capabilities.

A 100% pass on all checks is required to contract with our company. Less than 20% of applications pass all checks. Successful independent consultants are offered the opportunity to contract with our company if and when the need for their expertise is required. Independent consultants have an ABN, insurances, are already operating as independent consultant (and have not just left long term employment), are sufficiently managing their own financial risk with multiple sources of income, and are not reliant on our company for an income. Independent consultants need to maintain adequate insurance, which can cost up to $2.5+K per year. Insurances may need to be maintained for at least 6+ years after the consultant’s last consulting project; it is essential that consultants seek professional legal advice regarding insurance as this webpage does not constitute as advice. Before deciding to operate as an independent consultant, the consultant must first consider occupational risk: employee – low risk; contractor – medium risk; consulting – high risk.

Our independent consultants are expected to maintain and further build expert level skills in best practice world-class supply chain management methodologies through lifelong professional development. The continuous professional development of our Service Delivery Team is monitored ongoing so that we continue to bring our clients the best possible supply chain solutions.

We need our clients to be confident that they are working with the best Supply Chain Service Delivery Team this country has to offer. We care equally or more about our clients supply chains as they do, and this is reflected in our extensive effort to manage risk and to ensure we have the highest quality people on our team.

We offer our team significant flexibility, freedom and multiple income stream opportunities and rewards.

The experience and qualifications we seek include:

  • Expert-level skills, knowledge and at least 10 years’ experience in at least one of our five core supply chain areas of capability: Supply Chain Performance, Strategy, Network, Processes and Resources
  • Business qualifications at post graduate level e.g. MBA (multiple qualifications are preferred) and/or degree qualified plus extensive post-degree experience
  • Proven capability assisting companies and organisations to achieve their corporate strategy through the establishment of globally-competitive, collaborative, reliable, responsive, flexible and efficient supply chains that grow substantial endless value
  • Proven capability at building long-lasting relationships with clients based on high levels of quality, innovation, collaboration, customer-focus and respect
  • Demonstrated quantitative and analytical background, superior problem solving skills and exceptional computer literacy
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including report writing with zero spelling mistakes, perfect grammar and exceptional attention to detail
  • Excellent presentation skills, including the ability to develop professional PowerPoint presentations, to present a summary of findings, recommendations and reports to senior management teams
  • Superior project management and change management skills, prioritisation and extensive experience applying project management methodology on major projects, equivalent to PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

If you are an independent supply chain expert who:

  • has mastered and continuously explores world’s best practice methodologies and innovations
  • will stop at nothing to ensure our clients’ requirements, expectations and key deliverables are achieved, sustained and delivered in the most timely, effective and efficient way possible ….

… then please submit your covering letter and resume to